Taplist.io Gift Cards

We are pleased to now offer gift cards for Homebrewers!

A Taplist.io Gift Card makes an easy and unique gift. When you purchase a gift card, whoever receives it can use it as a credit during sign up. Currently we offer a $39 Gift Card—which will cover a 1 Year Hobby Subscription, our most popular plan for Homebrewers.

How to use

Gift cards are delivered digitally to your email address. We send you a pickup URL with a nice, downloadable image. All you need is the "code" portion, so you can share the gift card with your recipient any way you like: Through your own personalized email, print it out and put it in a physical card, and so on.


We're a small shop that's loved by our customers. That also means we're happy to have your questions! Shoot us a note at support@taplist.io and we'll get right back to you.

The Fine Print

Gift codes work like cash, so please don't lose it once we send it to you. Gift cards are non-refundable 30 days after purchase.