Frequently Asked Questions


Who is designed for?
Anyone with beverages on tap! We have worked with all types of folks: commercial bars and tap rooms, office break rooms, and hobby users and homebrewers.
Does measure my keg volume?
No. Think of as a digital chalkboard or pour wall that you maintain through our web site.


What can I customize?

We are always looking for ways to bring your own style to your tap list. You can currently customize:

  • Fonts and font colors
  • Header text
  • Layout style

Pricing and Support

How much does cost?
It's free for all users! And we want to keep it that way. Please keep in mind that (as with any beta program) we have to reserve the right to end or change things at any time.
Will you start charging once the beta has ended?

Short answer: No, we hope to keep the basics free forever.

Longer answer: was born out of the open source Kegbot community project. We were sick of seeing poor-quality beer boards and thought, "we can do better and offer it for free". It's an experiment, but the basics aren't hard for us to offer.

Depending on where things go, we may someday offer a paid plan for those that need a higher level of support or customization — think bars, breweries, and tasting rooms. We will never start charging you without your consent, and don't collect any payment information currently.

Where can I get help?
Oops! Run into an issue? Please mail us at Please note that during the beta period, support requests will be answered on a best effort basis.