Pub Dog of Columbia

Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse, Stanford Boulevard, Columbia, MD, USA • Last Updated: Tuesday, December 05 2023

On Tap

Blond Dog

An easy-drinking golden ale

Unleashed IPA

A fiercely hopped New England-style IPA

Black Dog

A traditional, velvety Irish stout

Hard Cider

Our crisp and refreshing hard apple cider

White Dog

A zesty orange wheat beer

Orange Crush Seltzer

Our take on this Maryland classic

Pumpkin Ale

Dark brown ale brewed with pumpkin and spices


A malty and crisp German-style lager

Blackberry Wheat

A light wheat beer with blackberries

Kiwi Watermelon

A light and refreshing kiwi watermelon beer

Honey Wheat IPA

A citrusy hop IPA brewed with honey

English Pub Ale

A balanced ale brewed with English hops

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Dark chocolate flavor with a creamy finish

Dog Bite

1/2 Hard Apple Cider & 1/2 Black Dog


1/2 Unleashed IPA & 1/2 Hard Apple Cider


1/2 White Dog & 1/2 Black Dog


1/2 Pumpkin Ale & 1/2 Cider


1/2 Pumpkin Ale & 1/2 Black Dog

British Bulldog

1/2 English Pub Ale 1/2 Black Dog

Breeder's Choice

Mix your favorite two beers together