Pub Dog of Westminster

Last Updated: Thursday, May 16 2024

On Tap

Blond Dog

An easy-drinking golden ale

Unleashed IPA

A fiercely hopped New England-style IPA

Black Dog

A traditional, velvety Irish stout

Hard Cider

Our crisp and refreshing hard apple cider

White Dog

A zesty orange wheat beer

Maryland Lager

An amber lager brewed with local malt and hops

Raspberry Lemonade Hard Seltzer

A crisp hard seltzer

Cosmic Juice IPA

A bold American IPA brewed with a unique yeast strain

Agave Lime Cerveza

A Mexican style beer with agave nectar and key lime

Tangerine Pale Ale

A refreshing pale ale brewed with tangerine juice and citrus flavored hops

Blueberry Dog

A light and refreshing blueberry beer

Best in Show

A limited-edition double IPA with bold hops and robust malt charatcer

Moscow Mutt

House brewed ginger beer, Tito’s vodka, & fresh lime juice

Dog & Stormy

House brewed ginger beer, Goslings dark rum, & fresh lime juice

Dog Bite

1/2 Hard Cider & 1/2 Black Dog


1/2 Unleashed IPA & 1/2 Hard Cider


1/2 White Dog & 1/2 Black Dog


1/2 Hard Seltzer & 1/2 Hard Cider

Muddy Mutt

1/2 Maryland Lager & 1/2 Black Dog


1/2 Blueberry Dog & 1/2 Black Dog

Bluetick Hound

1/2 Blueberry Dog & 1/2 Hard Cider

Feisty Chihuahua

1/2 Agave Lime Cerveza & 1/2 Hard Seltzer


2/3 Hard Cider & 1/3 Ginger Beer

Breeder's Choice

Mix your favorite two beers together