Restless Moons Brewing

Harrisonburg, Virginia, US • Updated April 25, 2019

On Tap at Restless Moons

Grizzly Bear Kisses by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 4.5%

A light, refreshing Belgian ale accompanied by a bright tartness brought by the addition of a healthy dose of cranberries. DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to kiss an actual grizzly bear. They do not taste as good as this beer.

Gose, Gose, Sour Ranger (Red) by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 4.3%

A kettle-soured gose with cherries. Lightly sour and refreshing with a zip of cherry.

Aprilapalooza by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 6.7%

A rich, malty marzen perfect for the cooler months. Lightly toasted malts with a crisp lager finish make this a refreshing, hearty drink.

Ginger Bells by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 4.2%

We made a traditional Berliner Weisse and added a hint of ginger and pomegranate for a seasonal treat that is sure to please fans of sour beers.

No Sleep Till Brewklyn by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 5.9%

A traditional German Schwarzbier. We made this lager with just enough roasted malt to give it a beautiful black color and cold-brewed coffee flavors, while leaving it light and drinkable.

Gregarious by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 6.0%

Gregarious is our oatmeal stout, and it's basically the most delicious breakfast you can imagine poured into a glass. Aromas of milk chocolate will greet your nose, while toast, oatmeal, and coffee all wonderfully meld in the flavor. It's a perfect beer for the cold weather, or with your morning pancakes and eggs.

Shaman Mixed Berry Sour IPA by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 6.7%

A kettle-soured IPA made with blackberries, raspberries, and boysenberries, then dry hopped with Mosaic

Island Reaper by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 6.2%

An IPA brewed with Simcoe and dry-hopped with Azaaca. The result is an intensely tropical IPA that reminds us of peach gummies.

The Hitchhiker by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 8.9%

Made with Simcoe and Centennial hops, this double IPA packs an intense citrus punch with a smooth finish.

Yankee Ingenuity by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 5.1%

An American ESB. We took the traditional British style and brewed it using all American ingredients and flair. We taste notes of light chocolate roast, black tea, and freedom.

Inked by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 8.9%

A rich, malty lager. This one packs a punch, full and toasty, caramel flavor, but finishing crisp and easy.

Jo Coffee Belgian Strong Ale by Restless Moons Brewing

  • ABV: 10.3%

We took a big, Belgian blonde beer and added 2lbs per barrel of coffee from Black Sheep Coffee to create this incredibly unique beer. Banana and bubblegum Belgian notes meld perfectly with chocolate and honey notes from the coffee

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