Chicago Fire Brewing

Leesburg, Florida • Last Updated: Wednesday, July 10 2024

On Tap

House IPA

Our take on the East Coast Style, but where most others tend to play down the bitterness, we applaud it. To a solid malt backbone, we add 2.5 pounds of Citra, Amarillo & Simcoe hops.

Southern Brown

A great all around beer, Pours a nice copper brown with Caramel, Toasty and Chocolatey notes. Try one you won’t be sorry.

311 Amber

Smooth and easy drinking, the hallmark of our 311. We use three different crystal malts to achieve its beautiful color, Saaz and Cascade hops help to contribute some hop flavor and aroma.

Da Pils

Unlike American pilsners that use adjuncts (Corn, Rice or a combo of both) This beer is made from 100% pilsner malts. Another difference is bitterness, whereas American pilsners tend to have IBU's in the low teens German styles tend to be in the high 20's low 30's.

Summer Blonde

Feet in the sand, a day at the beach, late nights and even later mornings, Our Summer Blonde Ale is perfect for the summertime or anytime for that matter. Summer is more a state of mind than time of year.

Our Style

CFB's version of a Chicago Classic. Light, Crisp with a Clean Finish. Try a pint and be whisked back to Wrigley field for an afternoon watching the Cubs play ball.

Dust Bunny

A refreshing farmhouse Saison brewed with Lemon & Lavender. A little off the beaten path but what's life without a little exploration. Try it I’m sure you’ll like it.

Black Beard

Mischief, Gold and Piracy. A rich malty dark ale with complex and flavorful roast characteristics, this beer is designed to tease your palate with hints of bread and caramel flavors. Yet be very easy drinking.

Strawberry Seltzer

Enjoy the taste of fresh strawberries with our latest hard seltzer. Made from real Strawberries, not chemicals. Our Strawberry hard seltzer is the right drink for outdoor parties, barbecues, chilling at the pool or simply any time you feel like having a glass.

Home Front IPA

Homefront IPA is brewed using a combination of Columbus, Cascade & Chinook Hops with oranges and then aged on maple wood. Brewed right here in collaboration with Soldiers' Angels with 100% proceeds going to they're charity:

Memory Lapse

Our latest Double IPA, Weighs in at an incredible 10.4% ABV. The massive malt bill is complemented by American style hops. Warrior hops shoulder most of the bitterness, but it's Cascade that brings aroma & flavor to the party featuring citrus and more specifically grapefruit flavors & aroma with a medium-intense floral and spice qualities as well.


Sunkissed Citrus Wheat

This delicious, thirst quenching wheat ale is accentuated with sweet orange peel & hopped with Mandarina & Nectaron hops to reinforce the orange notes. Low in alcohol, so you can enjoy a few pours, while enjoying your time the way you want. Now Orange you glad I brewed this;)