Chicago Fire Brewing

Leesburg, Florida • Last Updated: Wednesday, April 17 2024

On Tap

House IPA

Our take on the East Coast Style, but where most others tend to play down the bitterness, we applaud it. To a solid malt backbone, we add 2.5 pounds of Citra, Amarillo & Simcoe hops.

Southern Brown

A great all around beer, Pours a nice copper brown with Caramel, Toasty and Chocolatey notes. Try one you won’t be sorry.

311 Amber

Smooth and easy drinking, the hallmark of our 311. We use three different crystal malts to achieve its beautiful color, Saaz and Cascade hops help to contribute some hop flavor and aroma.

MicroBurst IPA

4 different hops are used to make this IPA: Warrior,Cascade, Citra & Mosaic. Using a method called Hop Bursting, Trying to get as much hop flavor as possible without being overly bitter.

Summer Blonde

Feet in the sand, a day at the beach, late nights and even later mornings, Our Summer Blonde Ale is perfect for the summertime or anytime for that matter. Summer is more a state of mind than time of year.

Our Style

CFB's version of a Chicago Classic. Light, Crisp with a Clean Finish. Try a pint and be whisked back to Wrigley field for an afternoon watching the Cubs play ball.

Jalapeno Saison

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner I threw together another batch of our Jalapeño Saison. The Jalapeño flavors go so well with the smooth spiciness of a saison, but don’t worry there’s not too much burn in our beer, just enough to let you know the jalapeños are there.

Stout Trooper

The true backbone of the Imperial Army. This Stout is laced with lactose for a more creamy substantial mouthfeel. For those long cold nights on Hoth.

Lunar Shock

Lunar is an American Version of a Belgian Witt. The malt bill is mostly in style but gone is the over-estery Belgian style yeast replaced with a subtle American yeast. We went easy on the coriander and threw in a nice amount of orange peels. Light and refreshing was the goal here.

Strawberry Blonde

We took a delicious Blonde ale and then threw in over 8 pounds! of delicious strawberries. Creating a delicate, but flavorful, masterpiece. This is a beer that everyone can enjoy.

Dubbel Fisted

Belgian Style Dubbel's are rich, fruity and delicious, they drink easily without revealing their strength. Instead, they are smooth on the palate, and land on the tongue with notes of stone fruit and slight hints of caramel sweetness


Mango Kölsch

We took our Kölsch recipe, which is delicious on its own and added over 6 pounds of Mangos to the fermenter to make a summertime delight.