Burke-Gilman Brewing Company

Last Updated: Monday, April 22 2024

On Tap

West Case Scenario
  • Burke Gilman

Eureka, Chinook, and Citra Hops

  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Cold IPA with Comet hops! Named for the co-discoverer of a large meteorite found in Antarctica

  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Nelson Sauvin and Strata

Černý kov
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

SIP NW Platinum Medal Winner

  • BGBC

Lemon zest, sage, floral, bread flour

Embers Only
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Smoked lager

  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

26 Legions!

Do I Dare To Drink A Peach?
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Sour farmhouse style beer aged 4 years in white wine puncheons, then steeped on Collins Family Peaches

This Is Just To Say
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Saison aged 4 years on brett cultures, finished on collins family pluots

Take The Currant As It Serves
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Saison aged 4 years on brett cultures, finished with blackberry currant puree

Under Every Deep, A Lower Deep Opens
  • Burke Gilman Brewing

Barleywine aged in a ludicrous barrel

Train Trestle
  • Burke Gilman
Patershark, Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

You're welcome!

  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

aged in Woodinville Bourbon Barrels

Asian Pear Ginger/Lemongrass
  • Greenwood Cider

Blend of Pears and Apple steeped in Ginger and Lemongrass

Plums and Pucker
  • Republic of Cider

Like a Flander's Sour - Plum with the right amount of tart

Blackberry Saison Cider
  • Channel Marker Cider

Semi-sweet blackberry with a hint of saison style

Pink Guava
  • Offset Cider

50/50 Apple Pear Blend w/Pink Guava

Bone Dry
  • Tieton Cider

Dry Classic Cider