Burke-Gilman Brewing Company

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 20 2024

On Tap

It’s The One That Says Hoppy Motherf***er On It
  • Burke Gilman

Our Hop Mob TIPA!

TPK Triple IPA (Hop Mob 24)
  • Varietal Brewing

Varietal Brewing

Hogus Maximus (Hop Mob 24)
  • Postdoc Brewing

Postdoc Brewing

Murder Hornet (Hop Mob 24)
  • Watts

Watts Brewing

Hop Mob 24 (Hop Mob 24)
  • Elliott Bay Brewing

Elliott Bay Brewing

  • Burke Gilman

El Dorado, Idaho 7, Cryo Pop and Cryo Mosaic hops

Helles Bent for Leather
  • Helles

Light German lager

Trans-Pacific Express
  • Burke Gilman Brewing

Collab with Heiwa Shuzou brewery in Wakayama, Japan

Orange You Glad This Beer Tastes Like Banana
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing
I Spent the Last Few Years Building Up Immunity to Weizenbock
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Weizenbock aged in a rum barrel

Patershark, Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

You're welcome!

Under Every Deep, A Lower Deep Opens
  • Burke Gilman Brewing

Barleywine aged in a ludicrous barrel

Train Trestle
  • Burke Gilman
Embers Only
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Smoked lager

  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

26 Legions!

  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Strong Grisette (hoppy saison)

the Archduke
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

Award winning continental lager

Černý kov
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

SIP NW Platinum Medal Winner

der Alte
  • Burke-Gilman Brewing

WA Beer Awards 2019 Bronze Medal

  • Greenwood Cider

Fun fact: this low alcohol cider was traditionally made for the kids. 21+ only

Bone Dry
  • Tieton Cider

Dry Classic Cider

Habanero Lime
  • Channel Marker
Pink Guava
  • Offset Cider

50/50 Apple Pear Blend w/Pink Guava

Huckleberry Cider
  • One Tree

Nice and jammy!

Coming Soon

Reuben’s Robust Porter
  • Reuben's Brews

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