Madhopper Brewing

923 W Britton Rd Oklahoma City Ok 73114 • Last Updated: Saturday, April 20 2024

On Tap

Dark Star
  • Madhopper Brewing

Experience the cosmic allure of Dark Star Stout, a rich and velvety brew that intertwines Pale Ale and Flaked Oats for a luxurious mouthfeel. Chocolate and Roasted Barley malts provide a decadent blend of dark chocolate and coffee notes, while a carefully balanced hop trio of Fuggle and Columbus imparts earthy and resinous tones. Embark on a journey through the depths of flavor with each sip of this celestial masterpiece. All prices included tax

  • Madhopper Brewing

Brace yourself for a tropical storm of flavor with Hurticane, a Passion Fruit Saison that unleashes a whirlwind of taste. This effervescent and fruity saison is a dance of French Saison yeast, malt complexity, and the exotic sweetness of passion fruit. A perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing and adventurous beer that captures the essence of summer.
All prices include tax

Shakedown Street
  • Madhopper Brewing

Step into the groove with Shakedown Street Cream Ale, a euphoric blend of 2-Row, Flaked Corn, and Borlander Munich Malt. This smooth concoction, a tribute to the Grateful Dead's iconic song, dances on the palate with a balance of malt sweetness. Let this beer take you on a journey down Shakedown Street, where every sip is a harmonious celebration you just have to poke around All prices include tax.

  • Madhopper Brewing

Infused with a Belgian yeast strain, the Haymaker presents a delightful marriage of banana and clove notes. Mt. Hood hops add subtle bitterness, complemented by sweet orange peel and coriander seeds. A refreshing Belgian-style brew that hits the palate just right. All prices include tax.

El Lobo Dorado
  • Madhopper Brewing

A tribute to the enigmatic and fearless spirit of the golden wolf. Whether you're sharing stories around a campfire, feasting on grilled meats, or simply relishing the thrill of discovery, this cervesa beckons you to embrace the untamed and savor the essence of the hunt. ¡Salud a la aventura! All prices include tax.

  • Madhopper Brewing

A thing of love and beauty just like the Roman Goddess. A malty journey for you to embark on. (You may or may not experience: immortality, shape-shifting, divine beauty, the ability to change the course of a battle, etc.). All prices include tax.

  • Madhopper Brewing

Classic golden lager style with a twist of culinary harmony. Prost to a Lager that marries elegance with a hint of sweetness
All prices include tax.