Nothing Sacred Brewing

Southington, Connecticut, United States • Updated Dec. 28, 2019

On Tap

Polar Passion

Wheat Lager w Simcoe and Falconers Flight hops. Soft Fluffy Crispy Dank Delicious

Global Warming

Poppy's Ale w a twist. Pacifica Hops in the Whirlpool. Pacifica and BRU-1 Hops in the Dry Hop

Saltminer V

Saltminer Grisette w Wallonian Farmhouse Ale Yeast from Bootleg Biology

Saltminer VI

Saltminer Grisette Fermented w Saison II Yeast. Dry Pear Clove Spice Acidic Saison

Laws & Theories

Dark Lager w notes of Chocolate Coffee and Dark Fruit and a hint of Roast

Kveik Zappa

New England Style Pale Ale brewed w Oats Honey Malt Zappa Neomexicanus Hops and Hornindal Kveik. Fermented Hot to bring out flavors of Pineapple Mango and Orange

Fancy Water

Fancy Water (think Pellegrino) w Zest

Patience & Promise - Cherry

Blend of mixed fermentation sour ales re-fermented on cherry wine base and then re-re-fermented on sour cherries

Patience & Promise - Peach

Blend of mixed fermentation sour ales re-fermented on loads of peach puree

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