Beohha's Brewhouse

Beckenham, England, GB • Updated Jan. 8, 2020

On Tap

1. "Boris" English Pale Ale

Malty rich with bread, biscuit, and toffee flavours and a fruity yeast quality. Brewed with locally harvested hops for a fresh, lively taste.

2. London Porter

Rich and flavoursome dark ale based on an 1880s Fuller’s recipe. Fuggles hop aroma with hints of coffee and chocolate. Dark malt and coffee in the mouth, long complex finish with earthy Fuggles and liquorice maltiness.

3. Old Boots

Made from heritage pale malt and “aged” using toasted oak cubes from a Bourbon cask . A barleywine old ale with toffee, vanilla, cream sherry and honey flavours.

4. French Super Saison

Dry, lively, spicy and earthy. Most of the spicy, peppery flavours come from the yeast. Prickly (due to high carbonation), and perhaps even funky.

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