1188 Brewing Company

141 East Main Street, John Day, OR, USA • Last Updated: Saturday, September 18 2021

On Tap

1. Chillen — 1188
  • German IPA
  • 7.6%

A German spin on a ever-changing style. We pushed tradition to the side and brewed this IPA with 100% German malts, hops, and yeast.

2. DB Cooper — 1188
  • Hefeweizen
  • 5.5%

A summertime favorite, this Double Berry Hefeweizen, with its rich ruby color, will make you feel like you got away with a hidden treasure. This is a light, crisp, fruity beer, without being too sweet or losing the Hefeweizen spiciness. Don’t forget your parachute!

3. 1188 Hefe — 1188
  • Hefeweizen
  • 5.2%

Our Take on this popular German Beer, it's for-sure a favorite among regulars and visitors alike, this easy drinking malty beer with light but balanced flavors.

4. Affenschlag — 1188
  • Weizenbock
  • 8.6%

A strong, malty, high alcohol version of a weissbier with the complex yeast driven aromas of banana, clove, and vanilla. A bigger, bolder version of bock.

5. Geil Schmetterling — 1188
  • Altbier
  • 4.7%

Our German altbier has subtle fruity notes and a marriage of the aromas of both the German noble hops and the caramel Munich malt. It’s delicate malt-hop balance and clean dry finish make this amber hued altbier is the quintessential session beer. Definitely a smooth and mellow drinking experience!

6. There Was A Time — 1188
  • Light Golden Ale
  • 4.9%

There Was A Time when these twins were sweet and innocent, but now they run with a rough crowd. Complex and well educated with a sailors vocabulary. But you can probably catch them listening to some Guns and Roses… Maybe, or maybe they just really needed a great beer to pair nicely with some tots tossed in truffle oil. If you know, you know. ( this beer is for a couple of regular gals, and their truffle tots…if you know you know)

7. My Clementine — 1188
  • American Wheat
  • 4.7%

A crisp citrus American wheat beer that is easy drinking and refreshing with the aroma and taste of clementines. A golden sunshine color and smooth taste combine to make a crowd pleasing summer favorite.

8. Gam Saan — 1188
  • Farm-Type Blonde
  • 5.2%

The name for this farms- type ale translates to Golden Mountain. A unique and signature character ale to celebrate the Chinese immigrants of the gold rush in Grant County.

9. Pineapple Mango — Avid Cider
  • Cider
  • 6%

10. Pinot Gris — Coopers Hall
  • Coopers Hall

11. Hazy Guava — Rain Barrel Cider
  • Rain Barrel Cider
  • 6.5%

12. Raspberry Lemonade — 1188
  • Seltzer
  • 5.5%

You'll notice our seltzer is a little different . nothing artificial here. The Taste of summer, sweet ripe whole raspberries and fresh squeezed tart lemonade. our seltzer is full on flavor but just the right amount of light and bubbly to make this an easy sipping enjoyable seltzer.

Coming Soon

What A Peach — 1188
  • Gose
  • 4.7%

A twist on the popular Gose Girl, we’ve added fresh picked, locally grown, peaches from Kimberly Orchards. This slightly sour, crisp peachy gose is perfectly balanced with soft mouthfeel and dry finish, with subtle tones of himilayen sea salt and fresh ground coriander, an absolute must for the hot early harvest season.