The End Zone

Last Updated: Thursday, January 14th 2021

The End Zone ( taps 4-7 in beer shop)

Tart Cherry Le Greg — Susan Kammerer
  • Sparkling Water

Tart cherry flavored sparkling water

Root Beer — Shane
  • Root Beer

Sprecher root beer. For the kids man, the kids! (And mama's Rumchata!)

KCBM Barrel Aged English Barleywine — KC Biermeisters
  • English Barleywine
  • ABV: 11%
  • SRM: 17
  • IBU: 51
  • OG: 1.105
  • FG: 1.021

Strong, dark, malty with hop balance. Collaboration of Biermeisters that aged several months in a second run whiskey barrel. Smooth balanced high alcohol beer.

Pants Are For Fools! — Shane & Susan
  • Melomel
  • ABV: 7.7%

This one time, in the DR, a catamaran ride was taken, beverages were consumed, and boat steps were missed. Back on shore we walked into the shops, and it was declared that "PANTS ARE FOR FOOLS!" Shopping in swim attire, honey was bought and back in the US, a blueberry mead was created. This second iteration uses Nebraska clover honey. Enjoy, but please keep your pants on!

Peach Cider — Shane & Susan
  • ABV: 7%

Hard cider with peaches

Blueberry Cider — Shane & Susan
  • Hard cider with blueberries
  • ABV: 6.4%