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Santee, California, US • Updated Feb. 14, 2020

On Tap

Islander Made Li'ke Li'ke "Honey" Blonde Ale. by PIB

  • ABV 6.0

Smooth Blonde Ale brewed with Orange Blossom Honey 10oz $5 16oz $6 24oz $9 Growler 64oz $18

"Proud to be an American" "Shore Patrol" American Lager by Pacific Islander Beer Co

  • ABV 4.7

"Proud to be an American" Lager. "Shore Patrol" A true Navy Lager with "Liberty" Hops 10 oz $4 16 oz $6 24 oz $9 Growler/Pitcher $18

Coco Puffs and Bueberry Ale by PIB

  • ABV 6.0

Real Dark Chocolate and Fresh Blueberry Ale 10oz $4 16oz $6 24 oz $10 $18 Pitchers NO GROWLER FILLS

Local Style Pale Ale Blood Orange by PIB

  • ABV 5.5

Hawaiian Pale Ale with hint of Blood Orange. 10oz $5 16oz $7 24 oz $10 Growler $20

Nothing LIKE "Mo 'Bettah" Double IPA by PIB

  • ABV 8.5

Unfiltered Double IPA with Simcoe and Cascade hops. 10oz $6 16oz $8 Pitchers & Growlers $21

Da 'Kine Islander Old School IPA by PIB

  • ABV 7.0

Islander "What a IPA Should be" Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops. 10oz $5 16 oz $7 24oz $10

Beachside Islander Made IPA by PIB

  • ABV 5.4

Simcoe Hopped IPA 10 oz $5 16 oz $7 24oz $10 Growler $20


  • ABV 4.7

Motorcycle Monkey's "ALOHA" Hazelnut Coffee Milk Stout. 10oz $5 16oz $7 Growler or Pitcher $21

Kai "From the Sea" Red IPA by PIB

  • ABV 6.5

IPA Red with Amarillo and Citra Hops Light Kalua Smoke 10oz $5 16oz $7 24oz $10 Growler/Pitcher $21

PIB Hard Seltzer All Flavors Poured by PIB

  • Abv 4.7

Refresh Crisp Dry Hard Seltzer 10oz $5 16oz $6 Growler$17

LImited Release Nui Pia Imperial Stout 2018 by PIB

  • ABV 11.5

Aged 2 years Imperial Stout brewed with Vanilla coffee beans with whiskey oak chips. 10oz $8

Nui Pia Imperial Stout 2019 by Pacific Islander Beer Co

  • ABV 11.5

Imperial Stout with Vanilla Bean Coffee and Whiskey Barrel. Black in color, this beers has a extremely rich malty flavor and aroma with full body. Light roasted malts and a sweet flavor of vanilla coffee. 10 oz $8

Noa Noa Tahitian Brown Ale by PIB

  • ABV 4.5

Robust Tahitian Brown Ale brewed with chocolate malt 10 zo $5 16oz $7 24oz $10 Growlers Pitchers

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