Leveneleven Brewing

Greensboro, North Carolina, US • Updated July 15, 2019

What's On Tap

1. Yo, Charisse! by Leveneleven

  • Sour Cherry Ale
  • ABV: 5.1%
  • IBU: 3

A gorgeous golden ale with subtle cherry aroma leading into tangy, delicate fruit and grain flavor, finishing with a tart cherry yogurt aftertaste. A refreshing summer quencher!

2. Leven Foot by Leveneleven/Goofy Foot

  • New England IPA
  • ABV: 6.9%
  • IBU: 27

We brewed our first hazy, joosy, murk-bomb with our High Point friends in celebration of their One Year Anniversary! Citrus, stone fruit, and tropical aromas prep your tastebuds for peach and orange hop flavor. Balancing malt and soft bitterness lets the velvety juiciness ride long on the tongue!

3. Shut Up, Bill! by Leveneleven

  • American Premium Lager
  • ABV: 4.9%
  • IBU: 14

Let's just say that our buddy Bill likes a lager, and he ain't shy about letting us know! We went back to our roots on this classic (no one was weaned with Bourbon Barrel Sour IPAs...) with a little more malt and hops than "The Big Guys" focus groups would allow to create a beer perfect for weekends, banquets, or when it's time to relax. Thanks, Bill! Your persistence paid off!

4. Big Mountain Fudgecake by Leveneleven

  • Chocolate Imperial Stout
  • ABV: 7.8%
  • IBU: 12

Our homage to the baddest-ass band to ever rock Maria’s Pizza and Pasta! This imperial stout puts a rich slice of double chocolate cake in your cup. Our blend of roasted malts, spices, and premium cacao nibs brings complex cocoa, milk chocolate, and coffee flavor with dark fruit/European chocolate in the nose. Finish is slightly sweet (it is Fudgecake!) but not cloying. Beware, the alcohol is well hidden! (Rated 5 caps by iamthereaper69 and @gottagetmoney)

5. Leveneleven IPA by Leveneleven

  • American IPA
  • ABV: 6.8%
  • IBU: 64

The latest edition of Leveneleven IPA blends old school and new wave hops. The Centennial, Azacca, and Simcoe dry hop sets up a hefty dose of Centennial and Strata kettle hops, bringing home classic IPA flavor with modern nuance. An appropriate level of bitterness reminds you what IPA is supposed to be!

6. Anno Mundi (bottle only) by Leveneleven

  • Trappist-stye Quadrupel
  • ABV: 11.4%
  • IBU: 38

Celebrating our one year anniversary, this mahogany beauty is inspired by the classic and legendary Trappist beers produced in Belgium. Anno Mundi, Latin for “in the year of the world,” is fruity on the nose, with notes of orange peel, dried cherries, white pepper, and caramelized sugar. The taste is equally complex, delighting the palate with rich spice and candied fruits up front, before showing a pleasantly digestible dry finish that crescendos into rum-soaked raisins and cinnamon. Dangerously drinkable!

In The Tanks (coming soon!)

Witbier by Leveneleven

  • Belgian-style Witbier
  • IBU: 15

Kölsch by Leveneleven

  • German-style Kölsch
  • IBU: 16

IPA by Leveneleven

  • American IPA
  • IBU: 40

Farmhouse Ale by Leveneleven

  • Farmhouse Ale
  • ABV: 5.7%
  • IBU: 28

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