tŏmōhulk incredibrews

Handmade quality ferments, brewed for your enjoyment, by Thomas Malkewitz.

Byron Center, Michigan, US • Updated Aug. 1, 2020

On Tap

Hornindal Cider — tŏmōhulk incredibrews

  • Dry Cider

Fresh juice fermented with 3rd generation Hornindal Kveik.

Wait, Thats Illegal — tŏmōhulk incredibrews

  • Hard Seltzer

Water, Vodka, Lime Juice. Heavily carbonated, perfect for hot days!

Holstein Cream — tŏmōhulk incredibrews

  • Cream Ale
  • ABV: 6.0%
  • SRM: 5.8
  • IBU: 17
  • OG: 1.058
  • FG: 1.012

same spotted cow clone I always make, but....I replace the yeast with Omega Latura Kveik, done in less then 5 days.

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