Instant Digital Beer Menus

Build a beautiful, auto-refreshing beverage menu in minutes. Show it on any HD TV. Highly customizable.

Brewpub menu on a TV

Build and Customize

Use our web-based editor from anywhere to build and customize your own menu.

A beverage menu web page

Simple to use

  • Create your taps and assign kegs to them.
  • Edit and manage beverages in your own private beverage database.
  • Updates appear in realtime on your web and TV menus.

See why thousands of people have chosen as the fastest, easiest to customize menu choice.

Get Started

Put it on a TV

We designed our FireTV and AppleTV apps do exactly one thing: Show your menu on a TV, fast and trouble-free. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Connect

A FireTV stick

Connect a compatible device to your TV. An inexpensive Fire TV stick is what most use.

Step 2: Activate

The pairing screen on a TV

Download and launch the rock-solid app. It will show you a pairing code.

Step 3: Done!

A successfully paired TV device

Enter the pairing code in the dashboard. Your menu will automatically sync!

Once your TV is linked, make all changes through the dashboard and watch the menu update instantly. You can also link additional TVs.

Get a Web Menu

Every account comes with a unique, customizable web menu. You can share your menu as its own site, or embed it in your existing web site.

  • Lightning-fast, 24/7 internet hosting. It's all built in.
  • Host your menu on a custom web address, and optional custom domain.
  • Updates appear in realtime on your web and TV menus.
  • Embed mode lets you include your menu on other sites.

See an Example

Loved by Homebrewers, Trusted by Pros

Created by craft lovers, we scale up to any size operation. Works great for homebrewers and hobby users, and supports many professional craft breweries, bars, and tasting rooms.

Homebrew Highlights

  • Brewing integrations: Synchronize your brews from Brewer's Friend and Brewfather.
  • Plaato Keg support: Automatically updates keg levels with our Plaato Keg integration.
  • Endlessly customizable: Make your menu look as unique as your brews, with tons of customizations.

Pro Highlights

  • Price management: Set & manage prices. No more climbing up to the chalkboard.
  • Team management: Invite additional staff to co-manage your account.
  • Battle-tested: Rock-solid reliability. We have almost a million hours of usage.

Awesome Integrations is compatible with many other software systems out there.

Got a suggestion? We're adding to this list all the time!

Plaato Keg
Level monitoring
Brewer's Friend
Import & sync
Import & sync

What Folks Are Saying

Here's some real, unsolicited feedback from our many happy users.

I'm really impressed. I'm a technical guy myself and I had considered building my own before I found The level of customization, ease of use, and user experience have truly exceeded my expectations.

Art Z.

We've used in our taproom since we opened in 2018, and put it on a second display when we refurbished it last year. It's working well for us.


The consistency of the menu and auto formatting really helps streamline sales. It also allows us to easily stream it on our website so people can have a live look at what we currently have on tap. We love your product, thanks for being awesome.


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Get Started

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