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What are live tap lists?

Live tap lists are a great way to drive more sales and spend less time managing your menus. With a live tap list product like, you can instantly publish your menu to web, download it as a printable PDF, show a QR code, and even display your menu on a TV. is the most trusted, easiest-to-use solution for live tap lists. Using, you can can build a beverage menu and publish it in minutes.

What makes a great choice for live tap lists?

Here are some of the biggest reasons is one of the most popular choices among great bars, breweries, and restaurants for live tap lists:

Transparent, straightforward, no-contract pricing

At, we offer transparent and upfront pricing — it's all right there on our pricing page. There are no hidden fees, and no salesman calls. And for peace of mind, our refund policy guarantees that if you get started with us and aren't satisfied, we'll make it right.

Private, instantly-updating beverage database

Using, every customer gets their own private database for building and managing live tap lists.

You're always in complete control of your beverage database: Beverage names, descriptions, and artwork, are all set and managed by you — and updates are published instantly. Many craft breweries choose us because of this powerful flexibility: After working so hard to produce a brew, who wants to use someone else's description or rating?

Cloud management dashboard is managed entirely through a rich web-based management dashboard. This universal dashboard works equally well on mobile and desktop. It can be used from iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac, with no additional software. You can add (and remove) staff accounts so they can manage your menu here, too.

Clean, customizable designs that don't require a designer

With, you can build a live tap list which looks as unique as your business. Because is newer, our menu templates are clean and highly customizable. You can choose from several built-in themes and presets, and customize many more aspects of your menu, all without needing to call or consult a designer.

Uses low cost, widely-available hardware

When it comes to hardware compatibility, we are the innovators in this space. works with the most popular, widely available hardware devices on the planet: The Amazon FireTV Stick, and Apple TV. We did this so you can easily set up, expand, or replace your menu hardware.

It's Easy To Give a Try

We know that this is an important decision, and you shouldn't have to hope that a product is good before purchasing it. Don't take our word for it: We designed to be simple to try before buying; take it for a free trial spin.

You can create an account, customize your menu, and explore all features before buying. Just visit our signup page to get started.

Last Updated: November 2022
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