Supported Hardware

To show your menu on a TV, you'll need to set up the app on one of our supported hardware devices.

Amazon Fire TV is fantastic on the low-cost Amazon Fire TV stick, and other devices in the Fire TV family. This device is inexpensive, widely available, and has proven to be very stable. It is the most popular and top choice of our customers.

In addition to its low cost and reliability, we recommend Fire TV because it is easy to find: In many places, you can receive a new device overnight or even in the same day.

  • Top choice
  • Widely available
  • Inexpensive
  • Reliable

Apple TV also works well on Apple TV devices. While Apple TV devices are more expensive compared to Fire TV, they are widely available and showcase Apple's reputation for high quality.

Note: Certain minor special effect features are currently unavailable on Apple TV.

  • Widely available
  • Reliable

Raspberry Pi (Advanced)

Raspberry Pi is a low-cost embedded Linux computer platform. Although we do not recommend this option for new customers, it may be a good choice if you're already familiar and experienced with these devices.

  • Widely available

For advanced users, we also provide instructions and limited support for running on Raspberry Pi and Generic Browser devices.

Supported TVs

What TVs is compatible with?

Basic TV Requirements works with most modern TVs. Minimum requirements:

  • HDMI input, connected to one of the supported Playback Devices.
  • 1080p resolution capable.

For a top-of-the-line install, we recommend using a commercial display. These devices are built and certified for the demands of digital signage. However, most of our customers use basic, off-the-shelf retail TVs without any reported issues.

About Smart TVs

A Smart TV is not required. In fact, because there are so many different types of Smart TVs, and because their quality and capabilities vary so widely, we do not recommend or provide support for running directly on a smart TV, unless the TV is itself a Fire TV device.

Instead, we recommend purchasing and using one of the playback devices above, regardless of your panel's Smart TV support.

Got Questions?

Not sure what option is best for you, or still have questions? Contact our support team and we will help you out!

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