Digital TV Menus for GoTab integrates directly with GoTab. Update your menu in GoTab and have it instantly show on TVs in your Restaurant, Bar, or Brewery.

A GoTab menu being shown on a full-screen TV.

What it does

When you activate the GoTab Integration in your account, we'll automatically and continuously sync your GoTab menus and products into, and show them on your TVs.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Instant TV menu updates with no extra training. After you set things up, there are no extra changes to your staff's workflow. Changes you make to your existing GoTab menus will instantly propagate to your TV screens.
  • Full support for multiple TVs. Show everything on a single TV, or install and link multiple TVs throughout your location.
  • Highly customizable with no designer required. Make your menus stand out and attract more business by styling them however you like. Choose from our library of built-in HD backgrounds, fonts, illustrations, and more.
  • Printable menu support. Show the same menus on paper by using our print menu feature.

How it works

Taking advantage of this integration is really simple. Here's how:

  1. Get an account. You'll need a account on our Pro plan. We are famous for our friendly support, no-contract pricing, and great service. Get started now.
  2. Configure the integration in the dashboard. Visit the menu editor and tap the Start POS Sync button at the bottom.

For additional steps and help, see the GoTab and Integration Guide in our Help Center.


Does this integration cost extra?
No, this integration is currently included at no extra cost on our Pro plan. GoTab does not charge extra for this integration.
Does modify my GoTab data?
No, the integration does not change any data on your GoTab account. You can think of it as "one-way sync": we read your menu data, but we never alter it.
How many TVs can I install?

There's no limit! supports managing as many TVs as you like. Many of our customers use multiple TVs. You can configure TVs to all show the same menu, or show different things on different TVs.

In some cases we charge an additional monthly fee for additional activated TVs. See our transparent pricing page for detail.

I have an additional question about this.
We'd love to hear from you! Please send a note to and a friendly human will get right back to you.

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