About Us

Who We Are

Taplist.io was created by our founder Mike in 2016 after he became frustrated with the low quality and high cost of TV menu systems in the market. A veteran of the craft beer and beverage space for over 15 years, Mike has been a technologist and beer lover all of his adult life.

Our Values

We built Taplist.io upon a bedrock of core values—values we hope you will see and feel in all that we do.

A Quality Product for Everyone

We believe everybody should have access to a great product at a reasonable price. You shouldn't need a 5-figure budget, or a staff of designers and engineers, to have a beautiful menu.

It Should "Just Work"

You have bigger problems and better ways to spend your time than wrestling with technology. We strive for a product that always works, and works well, whenever you need it.

We Think Like Our Customers

We're beer people. We believe the best possible product comes from people who think like their customers.

Little Company, Big Flexibility

We're the "little guys" in this space—and we love it. We do things the others can't, and move quickly to surprise and delight our customers.