Features of Taplist.io

Instantly Updating TV Menu App

Taplist.io is the world's first system built from the ground up as an awesome digital TV menu system. To do this, we created a rock-solid TV app that works on the most popular TV devices.

Instant updates

Changes to your menu are pushed instantly to your TVs, thanks to our lightning-fast push gateway infrastructure.

Low-cost hardware

Unlike other options, Taplist.io works with low-cost and widely-available hardware devices. You don't need to buy expensive, specialized, hardware.

Proven reliability

Our app and infrastructure is rock-solid. Taplist.io displays have over one million hours of crash-free operational reliability in real-world use.

Hosted Web & QR Code Menu

Every account comes with its own web address and web menu, with a built-in QR Code generator. Share and show off your menu with your own "permalink" address, and leave the hosting to us.

Clean, customizable look

Unlike other products, we are not trying to pack in a bunch of social features. Your menu page shows just your menu, no other crap — and with a clean, professional look you can easily customize.

Embed support

You can embed your menu in other sites and systems, like WordPress or your own web site. Your web developer will love our simple HTML/CSS customization options.

Custom HTTPS site

Show off your menu on the web with a simple and straightforward web address. We automatically build a hosted https site for your menu.

Web-Based Management Dashboard

To manage your menu, there is no special app to download. You or your team simply log in to the Taplist.io dashboard to manage all aspects of your account.

Mobile-friendly dashboard

Our management dashboard works great on Android and iOS in the web browser. You can add kegs, update prices, and perform all management tasks, from any mobile device.

Manage from anywhere

With Taplist.io, management of your menu is in the cloud. You can access the Taplist.io dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection.

Fast, modern design

Our dashboard is fast and snappy. Try it, you'll see!

Highly Customizable, No Designer Required

No two brews are alike, and the same is true for your menus. It is very easy to customize the look of your menus with Taplist.io.

HD background images

Use our built-in library of rich, stylish background images, or upload your own.

Layout and color customizations

Our theme library supports many easy-to-use customizations, like changing the fonts, text colors, and general layout.

Private Beverage Database

Every account has its own private beverage database: You set the description and other beverage details.

Advanced metadata

Set ABV, IBU, OG, FG, SRM, and many other fields.

Supports coffee, wine, cider, and more

We support numerous beverage types, including coffee, wine, cider, and more.

High-Quality Built-In Illustrations

We believe you shouldn't need an expensive art department just to make your menu look good. That's why we created a high-quality library of built-in illustrations to match your menu.

Keg shell illustrations

Our built-in keg images automatically adjust to your beverage's color.

Over 15+ glassware types

Achieve a fancy look in minutes, by showing the right glassware next to each beverage. Like our keg illustrations, glassware will show whatever color your select.

Professional Features

Busy bar/restaurant? We designed Taplist.io to do its job and get out of your way. Our pro-quality features were built after years of battle-testing.

Price and serving size management

Pro accounts can set prices for beverages. Create multiple serving sizes (draft, growler, pitcher, and so on) and set different prices for each.

Team mode

Account owners can invite additional team members, such as bar/brewery staff. These users can manage your menu, but cannot access your billing details.


Is your business growing? Taplist.io is ready to grow with you: You can set up and manage additional locations with the click of a button, all from the same account.

Easy To Use

Almost all our customers build and install their system without any help from us. That's not an accident: We designed Taplist.io to be the kind of product we would want to use in our own bar.

Flexible, no-hassle payment options

We support both month-to-month and annual payment options, and we use a secure payment card processor. You don't need to call us to get started.

Easy cancellations

We're so confident in our product, we make it easy to cancel it when it's time to move on. We stand by our simple, no questions asked refund policy.