Kegtron Pro Integration

Connect your Kegtron Pro account to to get an automatic, instantly-updating TV menu and web page.

What it does

When you provide your Kegtron Pro API Key to, will automatically and continuously synchronize your data from Kegtron.

  • Dynamic, level-sensitive keg artwork. automatically generates keg illustrations with the SRM color and approximate remaining keg volume. Customers love seeing which kegs are running low!
  • Automatic keg & tap synchronization (from Kegtron). When you place a new beverage on tap in Kegtron, will pull the beverage data in and automatically update your TV and web menus.
  • Web & embed support. All of our other great features work when you use this integration, including our excellent and customizable embedded menu, QR code support, and much more!

How it works

Taking advantage of this integration is really simple. Here's how:

  1. Get an account. You'll need a account on one of our paid plans. Get started now, it only takes a few minutes.
  2. Configure the integration in the dashboard. Visit the Kegtron Pro Integration configuration page in the dashboard and follow the instructions there. You'll be asked to plug in a Kegtron Pro API Key.

For additional steps and help, see the Kegtron Pro Integration Guide in our Help Center.


Does this integration cost extra?
No. does not charge any additional fee for the Kegtron Pro integration.
What plans support this integration?
This integration is available to all Pro and Hobby subscribers.
Does this work with classic (bluetooth) Kegtron devices?
Unfortunately, no. Our Kegtron integration requires a Kegtron Pro system and is not compatible with bluetooth-only Kegtron devices, as these devices do not have the requisite cloud connectivity.
Does read temperature data?
Yes, Kegtron-provided temperature data is read and can optionally be shown on some menu themes.

Ready to give the integration a try? Get your account running in minutes.

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