Set Up a Raspberry Pi as a Digital Tap List

Caution: Experimental!
Raspberry Pi is an insanely cool (and cheap!) embedded computer, adored by electronics tinkerers and other hobbyists. However it is a little more complicated to set up and maintain. If you don't already own a Raspberry Pi, we recommend using a Fire TV setup instead.


We're using the following equipment, and we will assume you are too:

Got a Raspberry Pi version 2? That should work, too!

Step 1: Install Chromium takes advantage of the powerful HTML5 rendering engine found in many browsers. On Raspberry Pi, we will use a "kiosk" version of the Chromium browser to turn your Pi into an awesome full screen display.

Let's install Chromium on your Pi by following these instructions from the Raspberry Pi forums. Paste the following commands into your Pi:

Step 2: Configure To Auto Launch

Once Chromium is installed, we'll configure the Raspbian desktop (GNOME) to automatically load the display page on launch. Copy and paste the following commands into your pi to create a new launcher script:

Step 3: Reboot & Pair Your Display

Confirm everything worked by restarting your Pi. Shortly after startup, you should see the browser load.

The first time loads, you will see a pairing screen similar to the screenshot here. This pairing process securely links your new display to your account.

Using your mobile phone, laptop, or any other device, visit the activation page and enter the code shown on screen.

That's It!

You don't have to to anything else once your device has been successfully paired! You should now see your taps on screen.

The display is designed to be "set it and forget": You completely manage and control all aspects of your new display through the Dashboard, not the display device itself.